Angali Shipping Co. Ltd. has been in business since 1978. Having established itself as a successful shipping and chartering concern, in 1983 the company decided to diversify and began to trade with partners in the Middle East and North Africa. Angali now supplies industrial and construction machinery and equipment, spares, steel, chemicals, air conditioners etc., to the gas & petrochemical, oil, steel, power generation, construction and allied industries.

Over the years Angali has built up the expertise and personal contacts with its trading partners to enable it to respond to their requirements at short notice. Because of our outstanding experience and trading relationships, manufacturers and suppliers rely on Angali to introduce and promote products into markets historically selective and cautious in trade.

Based on the marketing success and performance Carrier, York and Toshiba have appointed Angali their Premier Export Agents and this has resulted in high volume of sales of all types of air conditioning equipment, chillers, spares etc. to the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere. Similarly, K.V. Fire Chemicals of India, manufacturers of fire fighting Powders and Foam have appointed Angali their sole agents in Iraq, U.A.E., Libya, Algeria and the UK.

Angali prides itself on sourcing and supplying for its trading partners to international standards and specifications at competitive prices. Until recently Angali employed a network of Sourcing Agents based in Europe, US and the Far East to accomplish this. Now, in accordance with its plan to streamline the process and make sourcing even more professional and cost effective, Angali has decided to cover its diverse markets using specialised sourcing agents in each area.

Angali uses specialised Agents in India, Far East and South American markets for sourcing and procuring products. Two other sourcing agents are in place to cover other strategic markets of interest to Angali.

Angali Shipping & Trading Co Ltd. (ASTL) is a British registered company, established and operating since 1978. ASTL is a member of the London Baltic Shipping, Mercantile Exchange and of the London Chamber of Commerce.


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